Your Story

Telling the Greater Story Through Our Stories

Your Story is a Gift

A gift? What you’ve been through? Yes. Your story is a gift from God that He can use to draw people to Jesus. But not if you keep it to yourself—only if you share it.

Every story matters to God because your story is His story.  The moment we hear the gospel and ask Jesus into our lives, we change, and this renewal process is the ultimate proof of God’s victory over sin.

A Defining Moment

For God, every day is “Show and Tell” day, and our lives are the ultimate way He wows and woos those far from Him.  In a world where seeing is believing and actions speak louder than words, everyone is looking to see whether Jesus is who we say He is.  Does He really exist?  Is He really the Savior?  Does He really care?

Once we ask Jesus into our lives, our choices and interactions become the individual brush strokes of God’s giant, galactic masterpiece.  The “big picture” reveals the breathtaking beauty of our Lord and Savior, the all-conquering hero who gave everything – including His own life – to rescue the people He loves, give them an abundant life on earth, and provide an eternal life with Him in His kingdom.

Don’t worry about your story being perfect.  Once you submit it one of our writers will contact you to get more details (if needed) and help you polish it if we decide to publish it (with your permission).

Tell us about any turning point or remarkable experience that points to Jesus working in your life.  If you are sharing about how you met Jesus here are a couple of helpful questions to consider:

1. What were the circumstances that led you to Jesus?

2. What did Jesus change about your personal choices and attitudes?

Take a few minutes to share what Jesus has done in your life by using our submission tool below. If you need more help, check out our extra resources: 3 Ways To Share Your Story Better.

I Would Like To Share My Story

Everybody has a story.  Share yours with us today!