Welcome to Silver Creek Fellowship

We are one family that is passionate about family, friendships, and finding God’s dream for our lives. This is a family and a place to call home. It’s a place to get help, healing, and hope. Whether you’re in Silverton, Salem, an atheist, or lifetime follower of Christ, you are welcome here.


Together discovering God’s dream for our lives by loving Jesus, being part of God’s family, becoming more like Jesus, serving in the church and sharing the good news to the world.


Silver Creek Fellowship is a Purpose Driven Church.  There are certain priorities and values that we hold as a church that determines our direction, or “where we’re going”. 

WORSHIP – Loving Jesus
FELLOWSHIP – Being part of God’s family
DISCIPLESHIP – Becoming more like Jesus
MINISTRY – Serving in the church
MISSION – Sharing the good news to the world