Together Discovering God’s Dream for Our Lives:

This mission statement isn’t just words; it’s a call to action. As long as someone within driving distance of our family is still living outside of God’s perfect dream for their lives, we must continue to grow and make room for new people.

The Vision:

Together, through this campaign, we’ll cultivate a thriving space to nurture the spiritual growth of our growing community. Imagine a place where our flourishing church family has the increased capacity to grow together and experience God’s dream for our lives. This new building will allow us to expand our ministries and community outreach and empower individuals and families to discover their purpose in God’s plan.

The Challenge:

Our goal is ambitious yet purposeful. We seek to raise $1 million through generous donations and contributions from our church family. Additionally, we plan to borrow $3.5 million to ensure that our vision becomes a reality. This is an opportunity for us to share the blessings we are experiencing with an even wider community.


Seek God’s guidance. Ask, “What does God want me to give to this campaign?”
Your prayers matter.


Consider making a sacrificial gift. Every contribution plays a vital role. See below to see how to make a Pledge. 


Spread the word. Invite others to join us on this incredible journey.




1. Enter your pledge by clicking on the “Make a Pledge” button.

2.  Continue your regular tithe.

3.  Apart from your regular tithe, give your pledge amount to the Growing Together Campaign Fund in one of the ways listed here.

4.  Mark the “Growing Together Campaign” fund when you give online or on your gift. Growing Together giving envelopes can be found at the Welcome Center.

Ways To Give


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