Four years ago… life was unbearably difficult. Two years into divorce recovery and post-church breakup, I wasn’t sure I could actually push through all the pain, it hurt just to breathe and getting up out of bed to take care of the kids was the only thing I was getting done. I was in survival mode, and grieving every painful weary step of the way.

To top it off, we were in a church that wasn’t home. The people were lovely, the word was good; it just wasn’t home. I was determined that we would still GO TO CHURCH. I was fighting the emptiness within me; convinced I just needed to try harder to “feel it”. The looming reality was that we were going to church because that is just what we did on Sundays. And I have NEVER wanted to be “that kind of Christian”.

Later that year, July 17, 2011 I finally accepted an invitation to Silver Creek Fellowship. I was skeptical and wounded. Despite knowing several people in the congregation, I was not convinced that this was the right fit. In a two year period we had found several churches to attend, but none to commit to. We sat down after worship, the sermon starts… and my very reserved teenager leans over to me and says, “This is what our old church wishes they were”. The place that used to be home… the place that we were displaced from. The teenager knew then what was real and what was inauthentic.

I was still doubtful. But we came back the next week. And the week after. Friendly familiar faces greeted us week after week. It took exactly a month of Sundays for me to figure out WE WERE HOME. We were invited to a home group… where I would emphatically tell people, THIS CHURCH IS UNIQUE. Do not for a second mistake this family, this is real love. This is Christ in action.

What I have seen in Silver Creek Fellowship is leaders who are real and transparent. There is humility and unity. This team of elders are worthy of trust, and the way that they lead just works. It is biblical… and it is a safe place to grow and change and heal. These people are my family. This is the only church I have ever been to where people yell across a room that they love you; and they mean it.

Life is not perfect. I still struggle and have difficulties. BUT… having a church home, a church FAMILY makes walking through the storms possible. I love these people and they love and support my little family. I am more than willing to shout it across the church building.

Thank you Silver Creek Fellowship for being our home!