Stories -God, The RV, and Me

About 12 years ago Mark went through a divorce while living in Arizona. His ex-wife and son moved back to Oregon to be with family. Mark thought he could maintain his relationship with his son, but after about a year he realized it wasn’t working. He found Silverton by jumping on google and googling RV parks. He liquidated everything and walked away from his life there. He moved to Silverton to the Silver Spur RV park. After about his second week he was walking and saw the sign for SCF services and felt drawn to come in. “I literally felt a tug bringing me down this little path.” That Sunday, Mark felt he had an experience with God while being surrounded by grace-filled people at SCF. “It was my first glimmer of hope.”

Later on, Mark met his wife Renee and felt this was another seed of hope that God had planted in his life. “She’s my rock.”

God spoke to Mark during the 18 months he was in his RV and brought him back to life, and also through the fellowship with others at SCF.  Mark is now on staff at Union Gospel Mission helping spread the hope he found in God to others. “I feel like the Lord really worked with me in my life to teach me about hope and how I can dispense hope. How I can give hope to others.”

I think what the Lord has done in my heart, more importantly and bigger than anything else, is to wash away the selfishness. It’s not about me anymore.

Mark Hunter

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