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Jon and Kristie both grew up going to church, but were never able to stay consistent in their attendance as adults. With the busyness of life, work, and kids, they both found themselves unable to commit to going to church on a regular basis.

In 2018, Kristie’s husband at that time passed away in a car accident. She decided then that she and her 3 kids needed God and their church family more than ever and started attending more regularly. When Jon met Kristie, he felt like he needed to be the spiritual leader of the relationship and family so he also began attending church at SCF and immediately felt at home. “Everybody that I met from day one just welcomed me and it’s like I had been there for five years. We just became family.”

Since deciding to put God first in their lives and regularly attend SCF, the Bullock’s have felt blessing after blessing poured into their lives. They have a church family they can rely on, they’ve experienced the power of prayer, and they’ve grown more spiritually than ever before. “It’s been a blessing.”

You can’t pick your family, but I really feel like God picked this family for me.

Jon Bullock

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