Psalm 145:4 “One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.”
The Great Commission that Jesus Christ gave his disciples (in Matthew 28) is all about one generation of believers impacting the next generation for God. Declaring the generation of Jesus is the true ministry that Jesus has given us to carry out. It is not about structures or programs or systems. It is about the work of the Holy Spirit who forms Christ in us in order that we might go and form Christ in others - winning them to Christ, strengthening them in the faith, discipling them into leadership and sending them out to repeat this process.
As we build our generation of disciples for Christ we must remember that we are building his generation. We own nothing, but have the joy of bearing fruit for Jesus. But how do we go about it?
Building your generation begins with vision
It begins with a vision. Jesus saw the joy set before him (Hebrews 12:2). He had a vision of you and me, made righteous and belonging to the family of God forever. Do you have a vision for your generation? Do you see clearly the fruit that is coming as you labor for the gospel of Jesus?
If you share the vision of Jesus, then you will see two things. First, you will clearly see by faith the fruit that the Father is giving you. It will always be before your eyes and in your heart. You will know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain and that, if you persevere in the vision, you will reap the harvest of souls God has prepared for you. You will also look at the people in the church, in your Home Fellowship Group, and in the community in a totally different way.  You will have a vision for their lives. You will ask yourself, “What will this person look like as Christ becomes increasingly formed in them?” And you will see people having an intense desire for Christ, putting him first in their lives and, whatever the cost, moving out with his love to impact their worlds for God.
Building your generation involves passion. This passion will begin with a healthy desire to grow your own first generation of disciples. Jesus’ primary focus on earth was developing a group of twelve leaders and pouring everything he had into their lives. He knew that if he did that, they would be ready to continue this work after he returned to his Father. Jesus’ methods have not changed, and he calls us also to concentrate first on raising a generation who will be equipped to pass on their knowledge and experience of Christ to others.  If we do not have this passion in our own small groups, then we will just turn it into another round of meetings.
Whenever you meet with someone ask yourself, “What do I see, what is my vision for this person?” It must always be about Christ - extending his kingdom and forming his character in our lives. It is the same as growing a natural family. We plan for our kids - having them, raising them and bringing them to maturity as members of our community.
Building your generation is about building community
Christ is using us to build the family, the community of God in which we all share his heart and carry his likeness. It is not just about people being saved, but developing them into the likeness of Christ, ultimately bearing his perfected image in heavenly glory. Our mission and calling is all about community.
Kingdom communities follow kingdom purpose.  This is how we raise our spiritual children. We are consciously and deliberately building the family of God. We make sure that we have the qualities necessary to raise a new generation of believers. We must be clear about the spiritual values we need to impart to them in order for them to become responsible members of the family of God. We think about the strength of our own personal spiritual lives. We need to be mature ourselves.
Are our own ministries and small groups sufficiently stable and capable of receiving new precious lives? Is there a willingness to go out and win them in the first place? Are we planning, in the spiritual sense, in the same way a husband and wife prepare for raising children naturally? Are we impregnated with the passion for the vision to win people and disciple them as our cell members?
Building your generation involves multiplication
God is a multi-generational God. It took him three generations to establish the nation of Israel. God chose Abraham, raised up Isaac, and formed Jacob. Only then could the twelve tribes be established and a nation be born. God had promised Abraham that he would become the father of a multitude and that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars of the sky. But it took three generations before the promise of multiplication could begin to take effect.
For us, multiplication begins with simple addition, as the Lord adds to our church those who are being saved. Once we have built our “first generation” we encourage them to grow their own generation. In this second generation addition becomes multiplication. i.e. Twelve become one hundred and forty-four and the process continues. But it all begins with that first generation.  As we move forward into 2015 I pray that you receive a vision for building your generation.