Due to the current threat of the Coronavirus, the PEACE Virtual Reality Experience is temporarily postponed until further notice.

What does it look like when churches in other nations begin to practice PEACE in their communities?  How can you be involved in practicing PEACE globally? Learn through an interactive, virtual reality experience that we’re offering for every attender at SCF during the month of March!  These experiences will take approximately 20 minutes, and they’ll be offered after ever church service between March 8th and March 29th. Space is limited to 20 people per experience, so advance sign ups are required (See below).

Who is this for?
The PEACE VR Experience is recommended for ages 12 and up, however we’ll be doing a special VR experience for SCF Kids during the service on March 22nd. SCF Students will also have an opportunity to go through the experience together on Wednesday night, March 18th.

What if I get motion sickness?
Sign up! We have options for you to participate without the VR headset if motion sickness is an issue for you, although many people find that simply sitting down rather than standing is enough to keep them from feeling queasy.

What do you mean by “Virtual Reality”?
We have some video and pictures that were made into a 360-degree format and by wearing special headsets you can turn and look around and feel very much like you are there – if that doesn’t make sense, sign up and check it out – you’ll probably enjoy it!