Online only through April 5

Thursdays at 7:00 pm

Sports. Work. Vacations.  These activities happen on weekends. We are offering a new option for families and individuals who are juggling these activities and trying to be a part of Silver Creek Fellowship. Church on Thursday nights!  This service will be a little different than our Sunday morning service but follow the same themes.

Affordable meals will be offered at 6:00 pm for those who want to skip cooking and come early!

Gathering together on a weekly basis to express our love for God, spend time together with His people, grow in our walk with Christ, serve together with one another, and share our stories with others makes a difference for the better in our lives.  It’s our hope that offering this service will open new doors to reach people, while also making it possible for those who are not always able to come on weekends to still experience a weekly worship gathering.

Nursery available for kids 0-4 years of age.  We do have tables set up for families to sit around during the service where kids can color, etc.