Our Values

There are certain priorities and values that we hold as a church that determines our direction, or “where we’re going”. Here are some examples of our values:

  • We value personal intimacy with God.
  • Therefore, we will encourage each member to pursue God for themselves through prayer, the study of the Bible and worship.
  • We value the Bible.
    Therefore, we will be a church that teaches from the Bible in a way that is practical, exciting and applicable to our everyday lives.
  • We value the Person of the Holy Spirit.
    Therefore,we believe a vital personal relationship with Him is necessary and available today. The Holy Spirit is sent to help us become and accomplish all that Jesus desires.
  • We value worship.
    Therefore, much of our time together as a church will be spent singing songs of praise and worship to our God.
  • We value sharing what we’ve found.
    Therefore, we will be “outreach oriented”. Our Sunday morning service will be designed to help newcomers feel welcomed and comfortable. We will seek to encourage and train our members to effectively share the good news about Jesus to those around them.
  • We value relationships.
    Therefore, we will encourage all of our members to get involved in a small group. Small groups will be our primary means of insuring our members receive pastoral care, discipleship and opportunity to make friends.
  • We value participation.
    Therefore, everyone involved in the church will be encouraged and helped to discover an area of involvement for them. It is our belief that “every member is a minister” and that the church functions best when everyone is participating.
  • We value children.
    Therefore, our youth and children’s ministry will be one of our highest priorities. We will invest time, talent, people and money to insure that our children have a high quality ministry offered to them. We want to see the Christian faith passed on to future generations-in the lives of our children and our youth.