Phase One

Begins June 1


We will continue our Thursday and Sunday services online including SCF Kids.


Main Building and Offices

The main building and office will remain closed.  Staff can be contacted via phone or email. The office phone number is 503-873-7353 or go to: for a complete list of emails.


Gatherings of 25 or fewer

All groups should follow rules that are set by Federal, State and Local authorities. Groups can begin meeting if numbers are 25 or less and 6-foot physical distancing is maintained.2. The lodge is open by reservation for groups of 25 individual people that maintain 6-foot physical distancing. Go to to reserve.

The Lodge:

1. Don’t come if you are sick.
2. Masks are required for all persons entering the lodge. (if you don’t have one, we will provide)
3. Handwashing is required before entering building.
4. 6-foot physical distancing must be maintained.  (Family groups can be closer.)
5. Food and beverages are not allowed in the Lodge, but you are welcome to bring your own personal water bottle.
6. If food is a part of your meeting, you are welcome to use the eating space that is provided on the patio or in the lawn, but physical distancing remains in effect.  We recommend that each person bring their own individual food (sack lunch style) or that your group order carry out food from a local restaurant.

Small Groups Meeting in Homes:

1. We know that the 6-foot physical distancing is a significant barrier for Small Groups that meet in homes.  Because most homes will not facilitate 25 people with that restriction, we are working with each group to develop their own unique plans.
2. Masks are encouraged, but not required if 6-foot physical distancing is maintained.
3. Groups meeting in homes need to make their own decisions about food, but individual sack lunch, picnic style would be our recommendation. Maintaining an online presence is recommended for those who can’t attend your meetings in person.