Neighborhood Night Out

Friday, August 14

On the second Friday in August (the 14th), we’re asking you to take your normally prepared dinner out into your front yard (or in front of your residence if you don’t have a yard) and set up a table, or just a chair, and eat outside. Being in your front yard will encourage (socially distanced) conversations with your neighbors, and after you’re done, take a walk through your neighborhood and say hello to those you pass or those who’re still eating. Make a new connection. Renew an old one. Learn something about each other. For those without homes, local service providers are working on how they would be able to participate.

If you have children, encourage them to make a sidewalk-chalk design in front of your residence that says something about why they love your neighborhood. It could be words, pictures or both. While walking your neighborhood, notice these drawings and think about why YOU love your neighborhood.

Most of all, take a lot of photos and post to this the Strong Silverton FB page or event, along with an identification of what neighborhood you’re from.

Right click on the image below to save on your computer.