God’s Lavish Grace

A Series of 3 Messages by Terry Virgo

 On three consecutive Sunday’s in January we will listen to 3 talks that were originally given at Jubilee Church in St Louis, Missouri. 

 January 12, 2014    Freed From Sin’s Condemnation
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January 19, 2014    Freed From Sin’s Power
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January 26, 2014    Freed From Dead Works
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During these messages, Terry will take us through some of the key aspects of God's grace. The message of God's grace has been one of the key messages that Terry has brought to the church for the past 40 years.  We believe that these dynamic teachings will help us move the church forward in our understanding of grace.  To go along with these teachings we have scheduled our Home Fellowship Groups to meet for these same three nights to discuss and apply what we've learned.