Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

“Prayer does not equip us for greater works.  Prayer is the greater work.  Prayer is the battle.” Oswald Chambers
If you are like me, you often realize that my trying to be a “good mom,” doesn’t often translate in heart and life changes in my kids.  I’m in a season of life where I am discovering that my most important job as a mom is to pray for my kids. “If you don’t pray for them, who will?” asks author Jeannie St. John Taylor.  And as my kids (i.e.: teenage daughters) are growing up, it is quite helpful for me to remember that my battle is not against flesh and blood. I need to go to battle for my kids.  I need to enter a WAR ROOM, where I, as the Mama of my little army, “make decisions on troops movement, enemy location, and finalize my moves to counter enemy” (Quara, World Wide Web).
So here’s the first objective: SET ASIDE TIME.
Wednesday nights 1900-2000.  (Civilian time:  7:00 pm-8:00 pm)  In room 1.
Second objective: PRAY.
Don’t worry.  We won’t be praying out loud. For now, we won’t be sharing prayer requests. Who knows what this will morph into…..but for now…  I am simply providing you, Mamas, with a time and a place and some quiet. I will have different prompts if you would like something to focus your prayer time. But maybe you just want to come in and close your eyes.  And breathe.  And be still.  And listen.  And say, “Help.”
See you in the Mama’s WAR ROOM.  Don’t be late.  Or you’ll have to drop and give me 10.
Jill Von Flue