LifeWay Videos and Children's Bulletin/Activity Sheets

We’ve put together this list of kids activities from “Children’s Worship Bulletins” for your kids to do during this time. Click on the title to download and print. LifeWay videos are what SCF Kids watch each week in addition to their curriculum.


Below are extras that are available for SCF Kids for free during this time. LifeWay videos go with our SCF Kids curriculum each week.

Life Way Videos

Step 1: Go to Step 2: Login or create an account (free). Step 3: Click the LifeWay Kids (or Preschool) at Home icon on the main page of Digital Pass. Step 4: In the LifeWay Kids at Home interface, download activity pages and conversation guides (button at top right). Users will have access to video content from “Bible Studies for Life for Kids” worship hour, Bible story teachings, life application, and kids talking about the week’s topic.