Gift Day

Nov. 23, 2014

 Hebrews 13:16 ESV  "Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God."

We’re approaching one of the most exciting days on the Silver Creek Fellowship annual calendar!  November 23 kicks off our Gift Day.  This is a time when we come together as a church to give back to God some of the resource that He has put in our hands.  From Thanksgiving until the Sunday before Christmas we will take an offering that goes towards our work with poor – both locally and around the world.

A question that is often asked is, “Why do I need to give to God?”

Well, for a number of reasons!

  • I need to give because it reminds me that everything I have came from Him in the first place. Giving to God reminds me that I am utterly dependent on Him. I have a roof over my head because He provides it to me. I have possessions because He has blessed me. I have a job because he gave it to me.
  • I need to give because it provokes my faith. As I ask God “how much I should give” it shapes faith in me, it stretches me. It keeps me seeking first the Kingdom. I can participate in mission in many ways, but also in giving.
  • I need to give because it creates space for God to move and to provide. Remember the boy in the Bible who gave away his lunch?  He gave his few loaves and fishes and I’ll bet he never forgot the blessing of giving those away!
  • I need to give because it disciplines my tendency toward self-centeredness, materialism, and consumerism. There are many things that I could distract myself with, but when I give my money to Jesus I set my sights on eternal things, on that which has true value. Giving is like kicking self-centeredness in the teeth!
  • I need to give because that is what God created me to do. Giving is one of the ways in which we most reflect God. God is generous beyond our wildest comprehension. And when we give we express something of the nature of God in us.

Join the adventure!

As we come to our Gift Day, we’re inviting you to join us on the faith adventure that God has called us into together. Jesus is building something special among us, and there are wonderful challenges ahead of us. There are three areas and challenges that this Gift Day will be going towards:

  1. God has spoken to us prophetically about caring for the poor and a significant amount of funds are channeled through our Mission of Hope food ministry.
  2. Gift Day offerings also go to help people in financial distress, including people who are a part of Silver Creek Fellowship and people from our community. 
  3. Silver Creek Fellowship is called to take the Good News about Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth ... for us, the ends of the earth includes the village of Stung Treng, Cambodia.  Gift Day offerings allow us to minister in Stung Treng on a regular basis as we send pastoral teams to help build the church and English teaching teams to bless the community.

If you could invest in something that had a guaranteed return and eternal benefit, you’d be crazy not to! Well…. this is it! Let’s partner together in God to see God’s Kingdom advance here and beyond! Who knows, the dollars you give at the Gift Day could be involved in shaping someone’s eternity!

Gift Day will begin on Sunday, Nov. 23rd with a Processional Offering and will end on Sunday, Dec. 21st with a processional offering for kids to bring their spare change.  Containers will be passed out during Kid's Church.