Ways To Invite Somebody To Easter

Photo Booth/Story

Writing Your Story

God has a story. It’s a grand story: beginning before the creation of the world, and extending through all of eternity.

You have a story. You actually have many stories which, joined together, form the big story of your life!

God’s big story isn’t finished yet, and neither is yours. God can use your life and your story to help people find their way back to God’s dream for their lives.

This Easter, let’s use the power of our stories to invite people to Easter Weekend. Beginning Sunday, April 2, a photo booth will be set up in our lobby with a choice of signs to hold about your story. When you take a photo with one of the signs, it will be texted to you. Post this photo along with your story – a testimony or life lesson about what Jesus has done in your life. Be sure to include an invitation to Easter Weekend, and a link to scf.tv/easter. Be sure and use the hashtag: scfeaster!

All great stories have three parts: a beginning, middle, and end. Here are some tips to help you write yours:

This is where you can share one or two key aspects of your life that Jesus has helped to change. You don’t have to be elaborate or detailed – just state the facts! Remember – you’re just sharing a small part of the big story of your life, don’t feel pressurized to share a myriad of details.

Since this story is about Jesus’ work in your life – he will be at the center of your story! Once again, you don’t have to share everything that Jesus has ever done or meant for you – simply share how your belief in Jesus changed the one or two things you’ve mentioned in the beginning.

Even though we say “end” it’s really just the end of this small story, clearly there is more to the big story of your life! Share a positive aspect of your life since Jesus has begun helping you to change and, if appropriate, express your anticipation for the next thing that He will do in your life!

Here are a few (fictional) examples to give you some inspiration

Two years ago, I became friends with a Christian – he kept inviting me to church and I finally went with him one week. After meeting some other Christians, I began to realize how much love and joy I was missing in my own life. I decided to follow Jesus, and it’s at times been challenging to live my life for Him, but I’ve experienced an acceptance and love that I’ve never had in my life before. I’m excited to grow in my faith and experience even more of God’s love!

I went through a very difficult tragedy a few months ago, but I experienced an amazing amount of love and care from my friends at church. Even on my most difficult days, God’s love was made real to me by people from my small group – calling me, bringing me meals, or just messaging to say they were praying for me. I’ve begun to heal from my hurt, and I know that God will continue to help me.

I’ve always been a stand-up guy. Hard-working, honest, and responsible. But beneath the surface I was highly critical of myself and others. Every time I made a mistake, I would be extremely upset, at times taking it out in anger on those around me. Jesus has changed my perspective. I used to believe that the good things about me were what made me acceptable to God, but I’ve come to realize that God loves me and accepts me no matter what. I’ve become more gentle towards others, less critical in my thinking, and for the first time in my life, I feel at peace!

Social Media Invites

We’ve created some social media invites for your that are posted at scf.tv/easter under “Social Invites”.  Copy one of these and download it to your favorite social media site!

Printed Invites

We have printed invitations in our lobby.  Give one to a friend!