Stories - Finding Hope After A Miscarriage

A few years after they got married, Tyler and Kendra decided to start trying to get pregnant. It was taking longer than they expected, so Kendra started infertility treatment through acupuncture. After a little while, they found out that they were pregnant. They set up some appointments and about a month in, went to their first ultrasound. “It was pretty quiet and awkward. The tech wasn’t talking a whole lot to us during it. There was a deep sinking feeling that something was wrong.” Later that night, Tyler and Kendra received a phone call from a midwife and were told that their pregnancy didn’t look viable. After a couple more appointments, it was confirmed that they were having a miscarriage. “To have that excitement and joy for a month and then to find out you’re losing a baby, it just devastates you.”

Although devastated by this loss, Tyler and Kendra still felt God’s hope throughout and after the miscarriage. “Even though it didn’t look the way I wanted it to look, it still felt like God was there.” With the help of God and connections He provided them with other people, they were able to see hope and make it through the hardest time of their lives. A little while later, after continually trying, they got pregnant again. Although scared and nervous that they would miscarry again, they ended up with a healthy baby boy. “We’re so excited that we got to start a family and have a little member, but I think if he was my only hope, I would still be a mess.” Kendra emphasizes that the hope doesn’t come from getting pregnant again, but it comes from where you’re at in your relationship with the Lord.

He’s gone through the depths with me of things I thought I couldn’t handle. 

Kendra Coxen

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