Kids – Family Night

Family Night includes something for all ages at Silver Creek Fellowship.  A nursery is provided for infants up to 3 years old.


This class is for 3 and 4 year olds.  Learn about Jesus in a fun and interactive way.  Classtime will be divided up into a Bible lesson, snacks, craft, games, playdoh and other activities related to the lesson.


 K - 3rd Grade, kids will learn about Jesus along with some fun crafts and activities.


4th - 6th Grade.  This group has a chance to gain a more indepth look at the Bible and see how the stories they have learned about relate to them are relevant today.  They will also have time to play a fun game or two, eat some snacks, worship, and participate in helping prepare food boxes for Mission of Hope.

Each of our volunteers has completed a safety/security background check.  This process is to provide your child with the best possible care in a secure child-friendly environment.

Your child's safety is important to us.  That's why we have a check-in system on Wednesday nights for all ages so we know where your child is.  Check in begins at 6:15 pm in the entryway. Parents of children 3 yrs - 3rd grade are asked to accompany your child at a check in station.  Kids 4th grade on up may check themselves in. You may check in yourself and your family at our self check in stations.  If you are new we have an assisted station where someone will help you and your family get started.  Name tags for each family member and a security tag are printed.

To assist you with check in you may click on the button below to register early so that when you arrive you can use the self check in station and just enter your phone number.

All children up through 3rd grade will remain in their classrooms until an approved adult/responsible family member who received the security tag comes to pick them up at 8:00 pm.  If your child is being picked up by an adult other than the one who received the security tag, the teacher must be aware of who the adult is who is picking up your child, or you may give the security tag to the adult who is responsible for them.