Advent Stories

This Advent Season is called a “Season of Blessing”.  Our goal is to remind people that God calls us to be a blessing to others.  Our Advent Sermon Series will cover 4 weeks, each week a different theme: Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy.  Instead of printing an Advent Devotional this year we are going to provide it through social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram.

We would like a 100 word or less story from you about one of these themes.  Share a story about how someone may have blessed you with hope, peace, love or joy or how you/your family have been able to bless someone else with one of these.  Or just share what one of these means to you during this Advent season.  The goal is to provide others with a daily thought, story, or devotional about God at work in our lives, how good He is, how much He provides us with Hope, Love, Peace, and Joy!  Each day we will post one of your stories during the week of the word you choose on Instagram and Facebook.  The order for the weeks is Nov. 29 – Dec. 5: Hope, Dec. 6 – Dec. 12: Peace, Dec. 13 – Dec. 19: Love, and Dec. 20 – Dec. 25 – Joy.

We are going to build a backdrop with the words hope, love, peace and joy on it and would like to get a picture of you/your family in front of the word you have chosen to share about.  So depending on what word you choose we will let you know when that will be available. Be thinking about how you might be creative in your picture (santa hats, ugly sweaters, etc!)  Or just come and be yourselves. No pressure.  We want this to be a stress free project, just fun and letting others get to know our church family!  We want it to be a blessing!

Can you contribute?  Contact Brenda Geiger for more information!